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Kaniya's Community Model

Kaniya Energy is community based, community rn and community developed.

What do we mean by community ran?

Individuals from the community have been hired to ran the day-to-day affairs of the business, sales, marketing and assembling of the products. 

What do we mean by community based?

Kaniya Energy has offices and/or unit located in the community.

What do we mean by community developed?

Kaniya Energy has the active participation and involvement of the community in the product development process.

What is our community model?

Kaniya Energy employs sales/ marketing officers called Kaniya Folks to sell the products to households in the community and neighbouring small towns, as well as, assembling officers called Kaniya Techs, to assemble the products in the community- creating jobs for the residents of the community.

Kaniya's First Community-
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